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NX and duplicate file names

We design and build machines of different sizes but similar structure, so our NX directory structure looks like this:




As you can see, we use the same file name inside different directories. We never had any problem with this, except when yesterday we tried to design a plant layout made of TWO machines... NX complains about "a part with the same filename is already loaded". Is this supposed to happen? Should we ensure that our directory structure has NO duplicate filenames?


Re: NX and duplicate file names

Is this in native NX, or Teamcenter managed?


I suspect native, and in that case, I don't believe you can have two different files, with the same file name, open in the same NX session.

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Re: NX and duplicate file names

Yes we are using NX native

Re: NX and duplicate file names

I agree with Dave. NX will not allow 2 parts of same name open at same time. That being said, your assembly should be fine. NX is basically saying the file is already open.

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‎12-07-2016 04:23 AM

Re: NX and duplicate file names

You should not have 2 (or more) different parts that use the same base file name, this will eventually cause problems.

Re: NX and duplicate file names

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That depends if the two parts with the same name contain the same data!

For example if MainComponent.prt in SmallMachine is different to MainComponent.prt in BiggerMachine you're screwed.

And if they are identical, why have copies of the same thing peppered all over the place?

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Re: NX and duplicate file names

The assembly will be fine, based on the load options.  If load options are "as saved" you should be ok.  If someone uses "search directories", the first found instance of "maincomponent.prt" will be used.


NX 11 | Teamcenter 11 | Windows 8.1

Re: NX and duplicate file names

Yes, they are different Smiley Happy OK we'll have to rename the similar-but-not-identical parts, thanks!

Re: NX and duplicate file names

"That depends if the two parts with the same name contain the same data!"


I consider duplicate parts to be an issue. What happens is eventually one gets changed and the other does not; now you are left to wonder which one is current.

Re: NX and duplicate file names

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I agree with others:

- having 2 different files with the same name but different data is NOT "best practice"

- having mutiple copies of the same file in different places is also not "best practice"


Both will eventually (as you found out) bite you in the ***


Note to make life a little easier, you can use the clone utility to fix each assembly individually.

Then you will be able to add multiple machines to your layout.




- SM_Assembly.prt

- SM_MainBody.prt

- SM_Body2


- LM_assembly.prt

- LM_MainBody.prt

- LM_Body2.prt


- Bolt1.prt

- Flange2.prt

- bracket3.prt


(if needed, use load options - search folders to load "CommonParts" files)



1) Figure out the desired naming scheme

2) Go thru each of your assemblies (you may even be able to journal it) once, renaming the files with the clone utility

3) you're done



 (I really need to proof read better before I post)

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