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NX custom extrudable text

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Valued Contributor

NX8.0 / NX8.5

 (This may seem like a silly question)

 If I designed a series of numbers and letters -- custom for our machining application, using sketches and extrudes, etc, and made an alphabet consisting of extracted curves, can they somehow be turned into an extrudable NX font and put in as a  pulldown choice for the Text command?


Re: NX custom extrudable text

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Depends what you mean by an "NX Font"

Traditional NX fonts (those in drafting) - you can create your own.  Its in the docs somewhere (search on fnt and fnx files) But they can consist of ONLY line segments (unless I missed something somewhere).

But you can't use them for modeling (your word "extrudable").  Modeling (Extrudable) fonts are native OS font formats (opentype/truetype/Postscript/etc.).  These could not be used for drafting until NX8.x or 9, not sure when exactly.  Fontforge can be used to create opentype fonts, which can then be used.

Bothe of these will probably remove a bunch of info you want to keep (either the outline or the centerlines, or convert arcs/splines to lines).  I'd suggest you look at creating UDFs or deformable parts out of them (harder to edit, but you retain all the info you want to keep)





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Re: NX custom extrudable text

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Valued Contributor


  Thanks for your answer. Using it, I searched for and used FontForge to develop my font. Although not perfect, I now have a font that can be used for single pass machining of 3D engraving we place in the model. (All other fonts required the operators to place new text over our engraving and cut it with the single pass toolpath the software internally developed. The work therefore was being done twice, since they could not use our font. This became a big problem with more and more engraving we are adding to the exterior of our diesets to eliminate toolmakers having to stamp the information in one letter at a time.).............I am sure I will have to spend time tweaking it in the future (font development is very time consuming and produces non-consistent results to say the least when trying to use it ias text to be extruded in a 3D CAD system)....JD

Re: NX custom extrudable text

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

What type of font did you create? Opentype, TrueType, or what? I'm confused because FontForge generally produces *filled* fonts, not the single-stroke vector ones that you typically want for engraving. 


Re: NX custom extrudable text

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Valued Contributor

 I used the TrueType, it seemed to produce smoother text than the Opentype.

Yes, it is true it does produce a filled font in Windows type applications like Powerpoint, etc.

But when NX uses it, it only shows the outlines of the letters just like all the other block fonts it can use from Windows installed fonts.....JD