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NX draft body issue




I need the below shown draft of a tilted cylinder in NX.

And the draft only needs to be added where necessary (not on all sides).


Currently this is done with a few features which are not really intuitive.

I always get some frowns if I show this to our users.

I need this in NX 9 but I also did not find a better/easier way in NX12.


Does anybody have a idea how this draft can be achieved in an easier/better way?





2017-11-29 12_26_21-AVL NX 9 - Modeling - [_draft.prt_ (Modified) ].jpgWithout draft2017-11-29 12_26_29-AVL NX 9 - Modeling - [_draft.prt_ (Modified) ].jpgdrafted as needed


Re: NX draft body issue


That is the way I would do it.  For what it is worth.  It is kind of painfull but it works really well.

Re: NX draft body issue

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @Klaus!


The Body Draft command is the correct one to use for this.


But there is no need to build those 2 extra Extrudes at each end (and therefore no need for the 2 extra Trims to remove them).


I assume you thought you had to "cap" the Draft shape at the top. You do not have to do that.


Just use the existing flat ends of the cylinder as the Parting Face. NX will automatically extend them out to form the Parting face.


You'll still need to Split first, use 2 Draft Bodies, then Unite them.


That is because typically Draft Body has the wide part at the common center and smaller at the far ends. If that were the case, you could probably do this with 1 Draft Body feature.


I'm not quite sure how you'll manufacture your part, since the resulting shape cannot be removed from a mold, as far as I can envision, but it's not difficult to make the shape.


I am uploading an NX 10 version of your modified part (that's the oldest vesrion I have installed). I left the original 4 "extra" features there, Suppressed, for reference.


If anything is unclear, let me know.



Re: NX draft body issue


Hello PatMcManus,


thanks for this information.

Not quite sure why I did not think of that myself.

This simplifies the parting design.


Btw.: This has to be manufactured by two cores (parting in the middle).


Thank you