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NX drafting- Table and excel integration


Hi All


How compatible is editing table in NX drafting with excel sheet ?


What kind of compatable issue might comeup ?


Bcoz I'm trying to use table edit using excelsheet, which is not a standard practice in our company.
So I'm not sure on its cons of it ?


Does anybody have more ideas on it ?


Re: NX drafting- Table and excel integration

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Sathya,

To me the only concern seems to be an incompatible Miscrosoft Office version with the NX release. (sorry i have no knowledge about the compatibility chart but experts can enlighten on this surely).

But even if you use EDIT USING SPREADSHEET for the table you can always come back and use EDIT WITHOUT SPREADSHEET option for doing manual edit. The only catch while using EDIT USING SPREADSHEET is that it will be a bit difficult to refer to part attributes in table cells using excel sheet.

Best Regards