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NX expressions




i have done an assembly that consist about 15 parts. There is few parameters in every part that is driven from assembly expressions via interpart reference. To make new revision of the assembly i have just changed the name of the assemlby file ie. assembly_reva.prt to assembly_revb.prt. This method didn't (ofc) updated the interpart references in assembly parts.


So my question is what is the easiest way to change interpart references to match new assembly file name. For example:

"assembly_reva"::width to the "assembly_revb"::width


The problem is that i have about 5 parameters in every 15 parts, which makes the manual updating unefficient.


Is it possible to edit part expressions in NX from assembly level? If i could list all expressions of assembly and parts in one list, i could easily modify the interpart reference in excel or in notepad.






Re: NX expressions


Hello Aleksi,


you can use "edit interpart references" in the expressions editor to easily change the referenced part.

But I would recommend to use "save as" instead of manually renaming the file in the windows explorer. Then the interpart references would change automatically.


best regards



Re: NX expressions


You can probably do what you want without using interpart expressions. You can actually send your driving expressions down your assembly tree using the spreadsheet functions and I believe directly from the expressions editor.

You just have to be careful because this function overwrites existing expressions or will create new ones.

I used this process more than 10 years ago to drive large assemblies/weldments.