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NX indexing - Reuse library

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

I am supporting NX TC integration for a customer.

We have Solr installed and configured for indexing re use library in NX.

Is there a way to index library for all users?


Having solr - user has to manually use -send to index command in reuse library management.

I am looking for a way to index it for all users at once (i thought solr will do that) but I don't see any way than manually asking users to use index command in NX.


Please suggest.



Re: NX indexing - Reuse library

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @AKhiste,


Yes, you can share the SOLR server with all users.


The key points are:

  1. Shared server for all users.
  2. Same library name in all machine.
  3. Same relative path in all machine.


  1. Install SOLR server in one machine (for example, named SolrServerMachine).
  2. In all client machines, start NX, update the customer defaults, Gateway > Reuse Library > Index Search > Index Search Service

Use the shared server, for example, http://SolrServerMachine:8983/solr

Restart NX, now all client machines can use the shared server.


  1. Share the library in network, and add the library to the Reuse Library in each client machine (do not change the library name).
  2. Create the index for the shared library in one machine, then it can be found indexed in all machines.

The index is created with the library name and relative path information, so if the library is copied to all client machines, and then the index is created in one client machine, all other users can use the index if they have the same library from that machine.


Regards, Ben

Re: NX indexing - Reuse library


Hi @BenBroad,

in the 'Solution Center', you talk to set like this 'http://localhost:8283/solr/NXReuse'.

You write 'http://localhost:8283/solr'.

Can you clarify ?

Thank you...

Using NX 11 / RuleDesigner PDM

Re: NX indexing - Reuse library

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Thanks For the response.

It was useful.

Though all users had to use UI to index for their user using "Add to Index" option .