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Re: NX is available for download

@Johannes_H I know there is save reminder, but It's no an autosave, autosave gives you one more chance of losing less work in the event of a crash, and please don't tell me NX don't crash!

Re: NX is available for download


Autosave is sometimes discussed here. You've got some of the reason it's not an interesting feature here :
Plus, it's very simple to just press "Ctrl+S" on your keyboard, and it's the same thing for many software. Saving his work on a regular basis should be acquired automatically by every computer user.

Regarding saving to old version of NX, you've got the ability to use "dead" geometry. It would be very difficult to keep parameterized features as even the features that aren't new change over the course of the years. In the end, the result would not be wanted. I know there are some software that recreates parameterized features for the major cad softwares but I do not know how they handle the different version (I think you do not have the choice, it would be too heavy for them to maintain).

Lastly, except new features, you should not forget that with a new release you get OS/hardware/software compatibility and more importantly.. bug fixing ! :-) (Will this be very successful with the balance between bug fixing and implementing new features that will create new bugs.. we will see !)

Best regards,

Re: NX is available for download

About Autosave
Catia V5 have autosave

Yes it's simple to push CTRL+S, also on the car you have pedal for brake....but a lot of cars now have autobrakes for emergency. I don't want autosave because I'm tyred to push CTRL +S I want autosave for lose less work as possibile.


About saving to old version

CatiaV5 have the function "save for previous version", offcourse you lose parameters, but I have the same problem if I use Step or parasolid.And About this continuos release I don't undesrtad if whit "NX jan 2019" I will able to open a file made with "Nx jan 2020"


About your last question

you are right but what a bug? it's an error, no one pays me for solve my mistakes so for me maintenance is for have new features. Obviously, Siemens does not think like me.


Re: NX is available for download


I think I've read somewhere that with the new continuous release process, you'll still end up having files (e.g. created with NX1947) that can't be opened with and older NX (e.g. NX1847). Yet, I'm not sure and someone from Siemens would be more relevant on this matter.


Well, I'm not saying bug fixing is an incredibly good new feature, I'm just saying that it's maybe the major point I'm waiting in a new release.


Best regards,


Re: NX is available for download

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Save for old release:

  • in new release
    • File => Export => Parasolid => select the target NX release
  • in old release
    • File => Open => change file filter to Parasolid

Backwards compatibility will always break when the Parasolid kernel changes.

In the past this was usually done with a new major release, but there have also been changes within a major release. These changes within a major release have been very rare. The last might have been with UGII v11.0.0 and v11.1.0, if I remember correctly. UGII v11.0 was eight releases before NX 1.0 was released, which was UGII v19.0 actually.

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Re: NX is available for download

@Stefan_Pendl this way it's like export like stp o igs (maybe whit less possibility of corruption) and it's works for a single file, but:

1) If I open directly parasolid I will have a part for every "body" whit the same file name (except ID)

2) If I export an assembly in parasolid when import it don't reacreate assembly structure like the original Assembly

3) parasolid don't export curves


Offcourse I can export step whit assembly infos but....critical errors....geometry corruption etc etc....

anyway this isn't the right place to discuss about it, I just wanted to express my disappointment on this new release.
Thank to all for replyes!

Re: NX is available for download


Hey Anthony,


Did you managed to solve this problem? I am having the same issue but what I gather is that I will need a new license file for getting rid of that error?