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NX on Mac recommended system requirements


What are the recommended system requirements (processor speed, ram, video card, etc.) for running NX10 on a macbook? The documentation only talks about the different OS version requirements.


Is an airbook sufficient (Intel HD Graphics 6000 graphics card) or is a Macbook Pro (Intel Iris Graphics 6100/AMD Radeon R9 M370X) recommended?


Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

It looks like the Macbook Pro is the only officially supported mobile system from Apple. Other systems may work, but they don't have the official "blessing" of the support team.




Open the Excel file and look at the supported systems tab.

Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements


Thanks, I also found this on GTAC. I guess the airbook is not "officially supported"


Hardware and operating system requirements

The release of NX 10 on Mac OS X supports Apple Mac 64-bit Intel based systems. These include the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro systems. All available graphics subsystems are supported.

The minimum version of Mac OS X required to run NX 10 is version 10.8.5. Later versions of Mac OS X are also supported, but there may be caveats.

Installation of NX on Mac OS X is supported only on an HFS+ file system. However, NX part files and other data files may be stored and retrieved from an NFS file system.
X11/Motif requirements

NX 10 on Mac OS X utilizes X11/Motif to support its graphical user interface. Xquartz 2.7.5 and OpenMotif are required. You will be prompted to install Xquartz when attempting to run any X11 application for the first time and guided through the installation by those prompts. Check for Xquartz updates from the X11→Check for X11 Updates.... dialog box.

OpenMotif must be installed prior to installing NX. Obtain the OpenMotif toolkit, openmotifcompat-2.1.32_IST.macosx10.5.dmg, from the following website:

The X11 application must be running while using NX. The X11 application is started when NX or any other X-based application is invoked.

Installation must be performed from an account with administrator privileges and must be performed on a Mac since it uses the Mac OS X Installer application.

To install, double-click the nx.10.*.mpkg file and follow the instructions presented in the installation dialog box.


If the .mpkg file has a .tar.Z or .zip extension, then it is compressed. You must first double-click it to uncompress it and create the .mpkg file.

Optionally, install the online documentation by double-clicking the ugdoc.10.*.pkg file and following the instructions.

Optionally, install the license server by double-clicking the ugslicensing.*.pkg file and following the instructions. The license server will be needed if you are installing NX on a system, such as a laptop, that is not connected to a network.

Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

I concur with @cowski1.


Only macbook pro, iMac and Mac Pro are supported.   I'm not familiar with the Airbook.  But I think that you may have meant Macbook Air.  The Air is not supported either.



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Jerry Sarfati
Siemens PLM Software

Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements


Thanks for all the replies. I was not sure if an integrated GPU would be adequate for NX. Only the macbook pro has an ATI Radeon option.

Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements

PLM World Member Experimenter PLM World Member Experimenter
PLM World Member Experimenter

I've just started using NX 10.0.1 with my Macbook 12" (from MBP 15") which is even lower power/performance that higher end Macbook Airs and it works great. I'm getting 38fps with a 100+ piece assembly, spinning around with a Space Navigator. I'm not doing any heavy rendering, but I'm surprised how well and seamlessly it just works. I've even jacked up my resolution to 1680x1050 (above Apple's normal limits) and About this Mac reports the Intel HD Graphics 5300 as using 1536MB of RAM.


It sure beats running Windows 7 in a VM in terms of system resources and battery usage. Since Siemens finally fixed the Open/Save dialog issues, the UI is stabilizing. Still no ribbon, sadly, and X11 is still quite primitive, but at least what's supposed to work now does. 

Re: NX on Mac recommended system requirements


I am unable to install the open motif on my mac. 

I have a macbook pro-2013 edition and os 10.11.2 on my mac.

so please help