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NX product template Studio in NX 11



I am not found Product template Studio Application in NX 11 , Please help me !


Re: NX product template Studio in NX 11

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It's inside NX, not a separate application now



Anthony Galante, Senior Support Engineer
24 versions of NX installed: NX4 to NX12, plus TC11.2

Re: NX product template Studio in NX 11


Hi All,

I don't know if this is the correct place to post it but I have another question about the PTS in NX11.
I was making a PTS using linked faces and linked datum coordinate systems as input. In the PTS I was able to select the linked faces (in the feature tab), however the linked CSYS was not found in the PTS environment. At the moment I circumvented this problem by using NX 10 first. So, I start making the PTS in NX 10 and include the linked CSYS. Thereafter, I open the PTS in NX 11 and the CSYS is still linked in the PTS. However, when I want to link another CSYS in NX 11 directly this is still not possible. Is this a bug or do I overlook something?
Additionally I face a problem with linked sketches, when I re-use my PTS I get the internal error : memory access violation. I thought this was strange because if I just copy paste the PTS part and manually relink the sketch then it is working just fine.

Somebody here having similar problems or even better some thoughts about solving it Smiley Happy

Re: NX product template Studio in NX 11

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Siemens Phenom

They are both <ahem> software anomalies in NX11.  I would suggest opening an IR with GTAC to report them.  There does not appear to be a solution, so I would suggest creating the templates in NX10 until this is fixed in NX11.


Regards, Ben