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NX re arranges folders on it's own

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have a part with approximately 4,000 features, and maybe 50 folders that contains all of those features.  I don't really care for the way nx organizes things when you work at the end of the tree and then drag and drop to place your features, so I will always work at the feature number where I want my new feature to go.  So for example , if I want to do an extrude at feature below feature #2000, I will make feature 2000 the current feature, do my extrude, and then procede back down my tree.

What NX does to me sometimes, is when I start to jump back down my tree, it will re-arrange my folders and get my tree all out of order, here is an example:


FOLDER A has featuers 1-10          (folder a is feature #11)

FOLDER B has features 12 - 22       (folder b is feature #23, and so on )

FOLDER C has features 24 - 34

FOLDER D has features 36 - 46


I make feature #25 my current feature, edit that feature, and then I choose 'UPDATE TO END' to get back to the end of my tree.  What happens is I can see my status bar at the boom saying 'updating feature 26, updating feature 27, etc.... Then all of a sudden it will say it's updating feature # 15, which is ABOVE where I was working.  It will then update a large part of my tree

--(10 minute update, 4000+ features) --

and when it's finished my folders and feature are all mixed up.  My work around, and this proves that it's not feature dependcy, is I will UNDO the update, so i'm back to feature 25, the one I edited.  If I step through the tree say 15 features at a time, I get to the bottom of the tree and all is in order.

Has anyone experienced this?


Re: NX re arranges folders on it's own

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Mystic97z,


If you haven't already done so, may I suggest that you open an Incident Report with your local GTAC office and have them review this issue?


Regards, Ben