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NX wall thickness check



does anybody know a tool or add-on for NX to do reliable wall thickness checks?

We use all major CAD systems and for those integrated add-on`s are available (e.g. GeomCaliper) which give out a check list with all the questionable wall thicknesses.

That way you cannot miss problematic areas and a visual check for e.g. cylinder heads does not give any reliable results.

Also generating a report for release documentation is also very useful.




Re: NX wall thickness check

Have you looked into the molded part valadation under the analysis tools?  There is also a program called DFMPRO. 



Re: NX wall thickness check

Hello sdeters,


I`ve heard of DFMPRO but as far as I understood it is for injection molding.

It is only available in NX when installd additionally.
Do you have it available and can it create a wall check with a list of results?

Re: NX wall thickness check

DFMPRO has all kinds of checks assemblies, sheet metal, tubing many many more different checks .  I will run an example and show some screen shots.  This runs in checkmate.  This was ran on a simple box.  I have attached some images of run I just did.  Very simple but powerfull.  You can set the wall thickness limits in a file called a rule file.  So you can set your min wall thickness and max wall thickness.  Depending on what you are modeling.  It is a nice tool to check your models and assembly with.



Re: NX wall thickness check

Thank you very much.

I´ll check it out.

Re: NX wall thickness check

We use the moulded part validation tool on thin-walled castings, and I believe it's pretty reliable.  You need to buy an additional licence to run it (obviously), but it is at least all contained within NX rather than having to manage a separate program.

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Re: NX wall thickness check

Select the command finder and type "Check wall thickness".

 NX has an integrated check function for this purpose.

 See attached image.




Re: NX wall thickness check



Could you please guide me to find the option called "Thickness Check" in Checkmate. I have attached a file , you can find the options which are availble with me. Please go through it and do the needful.


Thanks In Advance,




Re: NX wall thickness check

Dear Sreeram,


you would need DFMPRO to get these checks.

I cannot show you where they are or how they work since we did not acquire the DFMPRO license.


I would recommend to contact DFMPRO to get a test license/price.


Best regards

Re: NX wall thickness check

Thank you very much Smiley Happy