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NX zoom/enter key/keypad adjustment


Good day,


For some reason, there are 3 configurations that affect my NX experience during drafting mode. These 3 things happen together at random times (or by pressing certain key(s) that i´m unaware off):


-My zoom function with my mouse wheel gets switched off.

-Numbers on number pad (integrated with keyboard, not separate) stop working.

-Pressing enter key zooms fully into the working area, minimizing taskbars. Pressing it again makes the taskbars appear.


Any help? I feel like i constantly and accidentally activate a function that triggers these 3 things at the same time. To deactivate this, i have to either wait a while (work on something else on my pc) or close/open NX. I know this sounds strange, but i'm not that experienced with NX and i feel the software is filled with lots of these kind of functions that activate/deactivate without me being aware of how.





Re: NX zoom/enter key/keypad adjustment


The Numbers on the keypad working or not is controlled by the Num Lock key on your keyboard. This is the key in the upper left of the keypad. It is easy to hit this key by mistake when you press 7.


The Full Screen mode you describe is controled by the shortcut Alt+Enter. It is toggled off using the same. This can be useful for taking a screen shot of the graphics window as large as it can be.  Is it possible that you are pressing the Alt key? Or could it be stuck?


I don't know what is turning your Zoom off. But a stuck Alt key will do exactly that. You might try a different keyboard. You might have spilled coffee down your Alt key.


This might help - Use Command Finder to search for the command Shortcut Keys. Click it. This command will list the current definition of all your shortcut keys.