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NX10.0 Motion Simulation Curve on Curve Constraints

Hi all,


I am currently designing an over head camshaft with the relevant rocker arms. I have used curve on curve constraint within motion simulation to follow the profile of the camshaft once an acceleration has been applied - this works correct in animation. however, once I try to apply two rocker arms and another curve on curve constraint, the solver locks up with the error message "RecurDyn Solver Lockup" and

Error No.1108506 <Simulation> : Solver processing failed. (refer to the *.msg file)


Has anyone came across this before or has any knowledge on how to correct it?

Any guidance would be appreciated





Re: NX10.0 Motion Simulation Curve on Curve Constraints


Have you tried to read the *.msg file?  Look for the keyword ERROR in the *.msg file. It is hard to say without looking at the model what is the possible cause of this error but some times with Curve on Curve constraints it may happen that length of the curve is not sufficient throughout motion. Anyhow reading *.msg file should give you some hint.