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NX10 Internal Error


Hi All


We have one user that is having Internal Error come up each time he tries to export a step214 file. Any idea. This just started happening and now its also doing the same on NX9. Only on his amchine everyone else at the same release levels ahve no issues.Sounds to me like a computer issue, any ideas?



NX12.0.2.9 Win10 64bit, Tecnomatix PS V14.1.

Re: NX10 Internal Error

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Siemens Phenom

If this just started happening, and other users are OK, logic would indicate that something changed on the users machine.


Are you running in Managed or Native mode?


I would look thru the NX Log file from that machine to see if anything specific is noted before the Internal error is thrown.


It helps if the user would reboot his machine, then duplicate the error. That makes for a cleaner log file.


If you want to send the log file, I will see if I can spot anything.