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NX10:Reverse engineering tools

I've got a light scan of an old tool that I need to refurbish. I haven't had to deal with stl files in a long time, Pre-NX days when the only thing my licenses could do were cut sections in the facet body and use through mesh curves to rebuild.


fast forward to NX10. I'm still using the same license bundle, ADVDES (UG10765). It looks like I've got a new tool, Rapid Surfacing.

Looking at the NX documentation, it looks like there may be more tools should be able to use?

From this it looks like I should be able to use Facet body Curvature but i get a licensing error.


oversight or by design?

I know Siemens likes to play with what licenses works with what tools and that things tend to vary between MRs



Re: NX10:Reverse engineering tools

"Facet Body Curvature" looks to be an analysis tool.


I've used "Rapid Surfacing" to create surface data from .stl files, and it works pretty well.

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Re: NX10:Reverse engineering tools

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It looks like it had an extract function as well.

I don't have a way of cutting off stuff I don't need...

I added a small pathc with rapid surface and it looks like it'll do what I want.

I watched some you tube vids as well.





Re: NX10:Reverse engineering tools

There is a Reverse Engineering application within NX that provides a comprehensive set of tools to work with stl files. These include Snip which allows you to remove areas that have no interest. That are alos smoothing tools and hole filling tools too. If you are intending to work with stl files regularly I seriously suggest you look at purchasing theis module. Remember we also have Convergent Modelling Technology inside NX 11.