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NX10 feature highlight issue

In NX10 when I highlight a non-curve feature in the Nav (datum, extrude, thru crv mesh, whatever, even sketches), if that feature is hidden from view (blank or by layer), nothing gets highlighted on screen. Curve features are ok (lines, section crvs, crv trims, crv wraps, etc.), and so are points. In NX8.5 this was working just fine regardless of feature type.


Could not find any setting (part prefs., cust. defaults) that controls this... anyone run into this before ?

Dan Iorga
Sulzer Pumps US

Re: NX10 feature highlight issue

Try turning on the "highlight hidden edges" option. It is probably in the selection bar by default. You can use the command finder to show you where it is located or add it if needed.

Re: NX10 feature highlight issue

Tried with the "highlight hidden edges" option both on & off, no change...

Dan Iorga
Sulzer Pumps US

Re: NX10 feature highlight issue

Hi Dan,


what you are describing is definitely a different behavior and no setting will help you. You'll need to contact GTAC if you feel this is a regression.


Something worth to explain: What you are highlighting are NOT the features themselves, but some graphical snapshots of the features in creation state. The function is found in Preferences->Selection and is called "Highlight Original". Mention that when you contact GTAC.




Re: NX10 feature highlight issue

Hello @diorga,


Also, you might want to check your Graphics drivers. This might just do the trick. All sorts of graphical issues are a suspect for outdated drivers. Newer drivers might jsut solve these kind of issues.


If this does not help, report it too GTAC as suggested. We will look into this.


Kind regards,



Dennis de Brouwer
Application Support Engineer
GTAC EMEA - Siemens Industry Software