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NX11 Ray Traced Studio


Hi all,

In the NX 11 Whats New, I read that the new Ray Traced Studio Iray+ renderer have a good performance using the NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA.

Is it possible to increase the perfomance using the AMD graphics cards?

I have a AMD FirePro M6000 with 2GB and the performance of the Ray Traced Studio in NX 11 is very bad.


Any advice will be appreciated.


Jean Marcel

Re: NX11 Ray Traced Studio

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Jean,


short answer is no. If you don't have a Nvidia GPU supporting the GPU rendering (and a supported driver), NX will only use CPU rendering.

But NX 11 supports remote rendering. AFAIK, Nvidia offers Remote Rendering as a service. If this is an option for you, check it out...


Link to Remote Rendering Documementation




Re: NX11 Ray Traced Studio


Hi Johannes,


Thanks for your response.

Jean Marcel

Re: NX11 Ray Traced Studio

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi @JeanM,


Thanks for your interest in NX 11 Ray Traced Studio!  A couple of things to consider to optimize performance when running CPU-only or with less powerful GPUs. 


First, make sure to use the Bronze render mode rather than Silver or Gold when setting up your rendering.   The render mode option menu control is found at the top of the Ray Traced Studio window (the icons look like Olympic medals.)  


Also make the Ray Traced Studio window as small as you can while setting up your rendering.  The more pixels, the more processing is required; using fewer pixels will speed things up.


Hi @Johannes_H,


Thanks for the great suggestion!  Ray Traced Studio now supports Remote Rendering in NX 11. 


To set up a NX Remote Rendering server on one of your configurations in order to use its CPUs and/or Iray-supported GPUs for Ray Traced Studio rendering you will need to purchase NVIDIA's Iray Server and install it on the server.


You can also use Remote Rendering with an Iray Server service provider.  This is another good option.   I'm not aware of an NVIDIA-hosted service at this time.  But I do see some other "render farm" service providers out there.






Patti Longwinter | NX Product Manager
Digital Factory Division
Siemens PLM Software Inc.

Re: NX11 Ray Traced Studio


Hi @PattiLongwinter,

Thanks for your clarification.

Have a way to use the same Ray Traced Studio renderer thats NX 10.0 uses in NX 11.0?

Jean Marcel