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NX11 customization of Material Library

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Hello Folks,


I'm desperate... I try to set up a new Material Library for my NX11. I know that I have to set some variables like




As well the customer defaults. But I can do what I want, I create a local material for example. after reboot it is gone, delete, now where to find. 


Even in the past I could access the library's with the Material Library Manager and select a type Export Material to Library... in NX11 I can't find this type anymore.


Even the NX Help did not bring me on, I tried this in nx9 worked, in nx11 not



maybe some have a tutorial how to start up in nx11 ...




Re: NX11 customization of Material Library

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Siemens Phenom

The variables you are using are no longer supported 


About the material library format used in NX 7.5 and later releases

Beginning with NX 7.5, the material library format changed to a MatML XML format. The legacy Physical Material Library environment variables (those variables named with UGII_PHYS_MATERIAL_LIB_*) no longer apply to the material library in NX 7.5 and later releases.


Starting with NX 11 or Simcenter 11, the legacy material library .dat format is no longer supported


The best place to start is on this page which will give you the information you need to setup material in NX 11.


NX 11 Material Help