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NX11 - extension line angle


I have an issue in NX11 how to change the angle of the extension line while defining dimension. In NX9 the setting was available in drafting preferences and also in the dimension settings (see picture)



In both version NX9 and NX11 the settings are in the same place in the customer defaults, but the single dimension setting in missing. Does anybody know, where to change the extension line angle in NX11 for a specific dimension?




Re: NX11 - extension line angle

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @Dabrowka,

It is right there in the drafting preferences as well as in the dimension settings.extensionangle0.png



Re: NX11 - extension line angle


Hi, I saw it also, thanks. But how to change it for a single dimension without changing the whole properties?


Update: Now I checked it. The setting was not available till I changed the value. Then it is also available in the single dimension setting.


Thanks a lot!