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NX12 UI collapse behaviour

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am wondering why a ribbon group collapses. And, more importantly, how to influence the behaviour. I used an existing ribbbon group as an example: rbn_window.grb. Flow layout is switched on. 


windows layout.PNGwindows layout collapsed.PNG

If it is on the right side of the tab it collapes when the toolbar gets smaller, if the group is moved more to the left is doesn't collapse. This is just used as an example. I actually want to use the fullscreen interface. Although there is plenty of room on my screen, somehow the tab has some collapsed groups in it. On the right side, so my guess is that NX thinks it has shown enough icons and will hide a few for me. 


The whole point for me of customizing the UI and using the fullscreen interface is to minimize mouse travel and clicks. So I don't want any collapsed groups or galleries. Just, ALT for a tab, CTRL-SHIFT for radial popups and the view shortcut toolbar and all commands on these items directly accessible with one mouseclick.


W10 NX12.0.2.9
testing v1847