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NX12 point to point movement and selection filter


Morning all,


I have recently moved to NX12 from NX9.0 and I seem to be having a few issues that is making NX12 a chore to use..


First is the point to point move function, or any move function for that matter. In an assembly in NX9.0 you could pick a cap head screw for example, open the move command, select point to point, click on the centre of the screw (ie the shoulder of the screw that butts up against the part being attached) and then click the bottom of the counterbore. NX9 would then move said screw to the desired hole - job done. I could pick both the screw and hole in any orientation with the shaded with edges view selected in NX 9.0.


Moving to NX12, im really struggling to select the centre point in any orientation with shaded with edges view. I can SOMETIMES get it by rotating my view right around so I am looking at the shoulder, but that doesent always work. The only way I'm reliabally able to select the centre pont is to keep switching to wireframe which allows the centre to be picked without any issue, then pick the bottom of the c/bore, screw moves and I can go back to shaded with edges.


The problem isnt just with point to point, its happening with all the "move" functions as well as "translate" functions - Very annoying!!



Secondly is the selection filter. On a number of occasions in the assembly I am working in the selection filter box goes blank so when hovering over a part it says "solid body in ##insertpartnumber##". I keep having to go up to the top on the drop down and select "no selection filter"...... Again another frustrating/pee you off feature of NX12.


Any help would be greatly appreciated on the above points.




Re: NX12 point to point movement and selection filter

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Siemens Phenom

On the move command make sure you turn on the option to "Allow Selection of Hidden Wireframe". In shaded mode this will allow the selection of things you know are there but cannot see. In the moive I did a move component and started with it turn off and could not pick the shoulder, then in wireframe in can pick the shoulder. I went back to shaded mode and then turn on the "Allow Selection of Hidden Wireframe" and was able to select the should that I can not see. My guess is that you had this turned on in NX 9 and the off in NX 12. 


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