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NX1847 defaults/settings/templates

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so, currently running NX11.

1. Should I do clean install, recreate settings / defaults / templates in NX1847?

2. Or maybe I should import everything from NX11 to NX1847 with fingers crossed?


Or what would be the best practice in this case  NX11 -> NX1847.

I am asking this, because it was never a smooth transition to go from version to version.


I (we) don't change NX defaults too much, most of it is drafting standard and only up to 5 sheet templates. Few other templates get attributes preloaded.




Re: NX1847 defaults/settings/templates


Hi @dziubelis ,

we are planning the transition from NX11 to NX (NX 1847 or NX CR) and the customization is shared for all our 30 seats.

As discussed in this forum, refile file is not necessary.

So nothing is not necessary to convert from NX11. Only three settings must to be converted :

  1. Customer default (using import tool in the customer default)
  2. Drawing customer default (using import tool in the customer default)
  3. Redefine sheet metal material file if you use it (sheet metal table)
Thank you...

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Re: NX1847 defaults/settings/templates

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @dziubelis !


Good question.


For now, it's the same as the past, needing to re-establish various settings and customizations after an upgrade.


Although it does not help you now, one of the benefits Continuous Release will bring is to eliminate that requirement, and carry your settings forward from release to release.


The other thing that will help going forward is the new documentation on "Changes"


It currently goes back as far as 12, not yet helpful for your NX 11 case, but I have had a lot of positive response when showing the pre-release version to customers: