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NX9.0.3 Part family not creating parts



I have run across an issue where when trying to create a very simple part family of a cylinder and am getting an error when verifying the parts, or creating them.  The error when verifying has the Update failure list dialog box pop up, with the decription of failure being "Family Member deleted or replaced".  The only choice at the bottom of the dialog box is "Delete" .  The only thing that is trying to be done is to change out the fam part with a different child of another fam part, which is a different lenght tube.  I have had GTAC look at it and they can not recreate the issue on their system.  Part family 001.jpgPart family Error 001.jpg


I get the same error in NX11 base install with zero customizations.  The ony way I have found to get a child to create is to validat the table row, when the error dialog box pops up, hit the delete button, resume the spreadsheet and then create the part.  It will then create, but is not a great solutions when there are over 88 children that needs to be created.


Here is the assembly of components, with the one that is hightlighted being the one that is to be replaced by another PF child with a different length.


Part family 002.jpg


Any one have and suggestions or areas to look as GTAC has closed the ticket.






Re: NX9.0.3 Part family not creating parts

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Do i understand you correct if I think that you in the Excel column "c1763-159697-fam" 

in state 1) you call a part family member of the family "c1763-159697-fam" 


in state 2) where the error occurs, replace that with a PF member of a completely different family template ?