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NX9 & NX10 Drafting - View Break - Formula lost


Dear Users,

I'm having some issues with the View Break in NX Drafting (NX9).
I can create the break exactly as I want- direction, offset, extensions... Everything is great...until I update my model.
I have to mention that the offset is referenced by an expression/formula. As soon as I update the model, the offset switches to Constant and keeps the old value, the connection to the expression is lost.

If a new View Break is remembers the formula that has been used earlier (in the last View Break), but just for the first time (when creating the break definition). If I try to edit, the formula disappears.

I tried on different models, on different PC's, some of them with NX10 and the problem is still there.


Did anyone else encountered this? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!