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Re: NX9 and QHD displays

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Valued Contributor

5K monitors have been released by HP Smiley Wink

Re: NX9 and QHD displays

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Valued Contributor

They sound really nice Smiley LOL

Re: NX9 and QHD displays


Hi everybody,


Ok. So I've just upgraded to NX11 and... years on, it seems like the NX UI developers will not allow the Dialog Windows to take advantage of big resolution screens. Is it just me?


Starting with the very installation of NX, I'm sure almost all users use the Customer Defaults a lot *, so how come it doesn't get at least formated to display all the items to be fully shown? The window doesn't seem to understand you are displaying NX in a million-x-million pixels monitor... Why would it be normal to use the scroll sliders a lot and to be resizing the windows to avoid claustrophobia all the time?


Look at screenshot 1. The category list on the left can't even be resized to lose the horizontal scroll bar.

Look at screenshot 2. That is a search query for Customer Defaults. Why is it such a big difference between the window size and the information that needs to be displayed?

Look at screenshot 3. The above window resized. It shows 12 columns of a constant width. Why not doing fit width automatically? This is possible afterwards for the user by doubleclicking a column boundary, but only one column at a time.


When you do resize, some things are retained for the next use in the same session, some not. Everything returns to square one on the next day. It's nuts like Groundhog Day. 


I know that everything is a mess since Steve Jobs unveiled the first Retina screen, but I think this has to do with old UI libraries, or lack of willingness... Is this such a low priority? I remember a lot of slides on NX launch events bragging about all the mouse clicks they could save on common tasks.... the good old days!!


I can't believe this happens only on my system... So is no one bothered by this?


Is there a configuration file I'm missing?


Best regards, friends!


* (this is just an example, this problem affects a lot of other dialog windows elsewhere, so this little rant applies to all of them...)

Re: NX9 and QHD displays

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello @Oomy,


I'm pretty sure this will not resolve all your problems regarding the UHD screens. But if you go to roles --> Presentation --> You'll find here the option 4K High Definition. This should at least solve som of the display issues on 4K screens.


I hope this helps (a bit).


Kind regards,


Dennis de Brouwer
Application Support Engineer
GTAC EMEA - Siemens Industry Software

Re: NX9 and QHD displays




I'd seen it, yeah. The new 4K Presentation Role enlarges icons and toolbar elements, but that's just about it. I have a custom Role where I already set them at about 150% among other customisations. The possibility of doing this helps a lot for these monitors, of course.


But my problem is about the default formating and sizes of dialog boxes. I hope some clarity is visible among my frustration :-)


There is a scale factor for the width of dialog boxes in the Customer Defaults, but strangely, this only controles the dialogs for the features (like Extrude, Blend, etc), which is the only thing fine on my system. It does nothing for Customer Defaults window (or Populate Title Block, or View Creation Wizard, or the Sketch Relations Browser, or......)


Best regards,