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No Zooming or Right Click Menu


I have a recurring problem in NX Randomly, I lose the ability to zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on my mouse. At the same time I also lose the ability to right click on anything. I cannot access the quick menu from right click. I cannot right click on a sketch or body to access options. This has happened to me on numerous computers in the university lab, all with the same version of NX installed. 


Sometimes, this problem resolves itself after about 10 minutes. Sometimes it does not and I am forced to close and reopen NX. Any solutions for the problem?


Re: No Zooming or Right Click Menu

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Solution Partner Phenom

I would say it's the mouse driver that's giving the issue. If you're running any sort of special 3 button mouse that uses it's own driver, get rid of the driver for it and see if that fixes it. Windows will support a mouse even without it's special driver, you just lose access to all the extra functions.


Anthony Galante
Senior Support Engineer