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Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10



I installed Nx I-deas 6.5 on Win 10. But while I was installing Orbix, I got an error.


Orbix_kurulum_hatasi.JPGorbix installation error



I could do design with Nx I-deas 6.5 on Win10. But when I tried to export step/iges or another format,  I got an error about Orbix.


I-deas_export_hatasi.PNGexport error


I tried to run Nx I-deas 6.5 on Win7. I didn't get the error. I could export it. Doesn't orbix win10 work? or what should I do to run it?



Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

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Siemens Phenom

Based on similar discussion in the private forum, @PatMcManus @EricBerben can help here.


Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

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Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Mehmet,


That's right, I had the same issue. The Orbix installation (from the I-DEAS prerequisites or the command line) fails to complete. Some of it is installed, so you can continue installing I-DEAS, but the Orbix services are not created. The STEP/IGS translators need Orbix, so that is why they are not working.


I finally got them created and running. The workaround is to create the Orbix domain and services from the command line.


These are the complete steps (not sure if you need all of them, but this did the trick for me):

  • Install Java jdk-8u121-windows-i586. Set JAVA_HOME to the install dir.
  • Switch off UAC, or make sure to use elevated permissions
  • Disable all network adapter except for main adaptor
  • Disable IPv6 on the main adaptor
  • No Microsoft Loopback adapter
  • Install MSVC++ 2005 SP1 redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe)
  • Install Orbix: msiexec /i OrbixE2A.msi INSTALLDIR=C:\PLM\IONA\ /L*V C:\tmp\Orbix.log
    - Orbix is installed, but creation of the services fails.
  • Install I-DEAS.
  • Install the Orbix services manually: Values for manual setup of the Orbix services are in the setup_varbs.cmd file in the installdir\bin folder.
    - cd /d C:\PLM\IONA\etc
    - OrbixE2AInstall.exe /domain NX_IDEAS_6 /hostname YourHostname /install /java_home YourJavaHome /license YourRunTimeLicenseFile /orbix_dir YourIonaDir

    for example:
    OrbixE2AInstall.exe /domain NX_IDEAS_6 /hostname TRIAXIS-LT07 /install /java_home C:\PLM\Java32\jdk /license C:\PLM\IONA\etc\RunTimeLicenses.txt /orbix_dir C:\PLM\IONA

Hope this helps!


Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

Hi @EricBerben,


Thank you for the information Smiley Happy. I completed all the steps  but I got an error about domain. I have wrote a .batch file to compile the script which you shared with me on the last step.However there is a problem with the NX_IDEAS_6 domain information. How can i solve it ?  You can find the batch file below.


@echo off
cd /d "C:\PLM\IONA\etc"
start "OrbixE2AInstall.exe" /domain NX_IDEAS_6 /hostname mehmet /install /java_home C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_121 /license C:\PLM\IONA\etc\RunTimeLicenses.txt /orbix_dir C:\PLM\IONA


After running the batch file , i got below error.




Best Regards


Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

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Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Mehmet,


The domain name might be different, because I had the issue in NXI 6.6. The domain should be listed in your InstallDir\bin\setup_varbs.cmd.


2019-06-14 17_11_32-Window.png


Kind regards,

Eric Berben

Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @MehmetSenturk !


Just so you are aware: we do not support I-deas 6.5 on Windows 10.


The first certification on Win 10 was I-deas 6.6. We just released I-deas 6.7 last week, which also supports Win 10.


If you are doing a fresh install at this point, to be the most "future proof", I suggest downloading and using 6.7.


One of the biggest issues we found when we were first testing I-deas on Win 10 is that most operations require Run as Admin, because of the way I-deas is structured (it calls other scripts and executable that access files on the OS - Win 10 has locked many such operations for better security).


So be sure the CMD window you run with is Run as Admin and also set any short-cuts you execute the same.


I added some notes on this point to the README for Win 10 when we released 6.6.


I don't think you have an issue with the DOMAIN name. It has not changed from NX_IDEAS_6 since I-deas 6.0 (we probably will never change it).


I also suggest looking the previous thread where @EricBerben and I discussed this. While none of the tips helped in his case (he posted here the final solution he found), some of those other tips might be your situation.

Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10


We are still at NX I-DEAS 6.1, unfortunately, on Win7 which works nicely.   On a test Win10 PC, I just installed Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable and for SP1 (on top of existing C++ Redistributables for 2005, 2008, 2010, 2015, etc). 


Hopefully, the install will go smoothly, but other replies suggest enhances Win10 security will prove otherwise.    Here's the process we used on Win7, from my procedure notes.   Perhaps, you can comment of this is still applicable.   

Plans are to attempt NX I-DEAS 6.1 on Win10 tomorrow.    Our inquiry to update licenses to current were crazy expensive, so we are stuck with 6.1.


Long time I-DEAS user and admin since CAEDS 1.0   OMG!


Hotline  Case no. 6833689  1/29/2013  doug




Orbix Install/patch I-DEAS 14 (NXI-6) on WIN7-x64


Prerequisite:  (in order)

          JRE (run-time environment)

          JDK (java development kit)


Unzip package to network folder 

  [local site drive letter]:\[local site directory]\NXI6_orbix632_patch_Windows7\orbix-patch


Get temporary admin rights from local IT, then logoff & login


Copy the entire orbix-patch folder to local drive, e.g. C:\temp\iona632\

     since O:\TDM\... pathname is too long!


Temporarily RESET  UAC (as admin)

          Start, Run, UAC

                   Set to lowest setting 

                   Restart PC


Optional:   If prior Orbix install was bad, uninstall now

                   Restart PC


Optional:  create folder,  C:\Siemens\Orbix632




Open black cmd window



(.msi hidden)

into black command window


          Alter command in command window to:

Orbix6321.msi INSTALLDIR=C:\Siemens\Orbix632



          Four (4) IT IONA Services should be created, set to Automatic, but not started.  Try starting all four IT IONA services manually.


          If four (4) IT IONA Services were not created, Restart PC, and uninstall Orbix via Programs & Features.  Restart PC and try again. 


[On one laptop with initial incorrect Orbix install, this required three successive correct Orbix 632 installs to cleanup registry or other mess and install successfully with IT IONA services. UAC must be set to lowest level!]

[On a  laptop with new Win7x64 image, the first attempt failed and rolled back the install; the second attempt worked!]


Restart PC

Four (4) IT IONA services should have been automatically started.  Verify via Services

(Alternatively, manually start the 4 IT IONA services to verify function, then STOP the 4 IT IONA services.




STOP the four (4) IT IONA via Services


Open cmd window

                   Drag and drop C:\temp\iona632\I386\IONA\Orbix\Patch\Orbix6321R1.msp

(.msp hidden)

into black command window


          Alter command in command window to:

Orbix6321R1.msp INSTALLDIR=C:\Siemens\Orbix632    





          Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services

                   Check for IT IONA Services running, set for automatic

                   If not, install was incorrect.




          File, Import, STEP …

                   If Orbix error, Orbix did not install correctly.




          Start, Run, UAC

                    Reset to highest setting


Restart PC




Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10


Still no success with UAC to allow Orbix install (after Visual C++ 2005 redistributable install).    After setting for elevated privilege via gpupdate cmd, rebooting and setting for Admin, running the UAC panel and attempting to set to lowest gets response "need to be administrator!" -- when admin has just been assigned.   Must be lockdown on UAC by corporate IT, which felt the process ought work.   

Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @Darad !


At which step is it falling over for you?


Are you getting the 4 IT_* services created?


If you are OK until testing the STEP Export, then one thing I have noticed running Win 10: I often get message the first time I try to run STEP Export that it failed. It would be easy to assume Orbix was not running. But if I then run STEP Export a 2nd time, it will work.


I have not spent any time trying to figure out what that is, but have seen it more than once (my suspicion is that the IT services were "asleep" due to me having done Sleep or Hibernate on may laptop, and the first run "wakes them up", but that is purely a guess on my part).


I also suggest, as mentioned earlier, to read the thread that @EricBerben and I had a month or so back where I offered a few suggestions that have been collected by GTAC, myself, and others over the years, and Eric found a few new ones this time.


In the end, I-deas 6.1 is not certified on Win 10 (it was actually created for Win XP), but the version of Orbix you are using (632) is the same one we still use with I-deas 6.7, so I don't see there should be much problem on the Orbix side. But I would make sure you have the patch that was out with 6.1m1 that was required to run Win 7.

Re: Nx I-deas 6.5 installation on Win 10


Hi Pat.   Yes, we do have the Orbix 632 patch, which installed fine on Windows 7 for I-DEAS 6.1.  


Problem:  even as Admin and with gpupdate /force privi, I cannot set UAC to the lowest level (only the two highest).  So I cannot even begin to install Orbix, knowing that it will fail.   We suspect resetting UAC was restricted by corp IT, and are pursuing further with corp IT.  


Its sad, because I-DEAS is a truly wonderful and powerful 3D modeling and meshing product, though just 32-bit.  Name another great FEA tool, with an integrated and powerful history-based 3D modeler (if u know how).  Most products simply mesh STEP data, except for NX, but NX cost is high and migration will be the major impediment.   We really need a low-cost option to update our 6.1 licenses to 6.7, simply to get the dreaded Orbix installed. 


Another question:   when installing Orbix 632 on Windows 10, does UAC still have to be set to lowest level?