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Orbix Services Windows 7 or 8.


Hello all.

I'm trying to export a STEP or IGES from NX I-Deas 6.1 and it keeps showing me a message saying that Orbix are not working.

We have a lot of data in company under I-Deas system, and sometimes we need to retrieve this data and this Orbix thing always is a problem.

When we want to get data to NX, the interoperate works fine, but when we need to send outside company, usually it is IGES or STEP, so we need to get it inside NX first and then export again.

Is there any Orbix version currently working in windows 7 or 8?


Re: Orbix Services Windows 7 or 8.

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I-deas supports Win 7 starting from 6.2.

One of the big things that had to be done was upgrade to a slightly newer Orbix that supported Win 7, which is includes with 6.2 and up.

There was a 6.1 patch on GTAC which includes an Orbix update for Win 7: "NXI61WIN7UPDATE" under the "Windows 7 Updates" folder for 6.1.

Or just the Orbix 6.3.2 updates, under the folder "Windows7 Orbix", along with notes and README:



The other thing to look at is that sometimes the 4 Orbix Services (starting with names "IT iona_services.*") don't properly Start with Windows. You might get them to work by Stopping/Starting them.

I-deas does not support Window 8 at any version and there are no plans to do so, so no special Orbix to help there.


Hope that helps.