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Ordinate dimensioning


Hello, Can someone please tell me what this feature is and how to get rid of it?  I've done ordinate dimensions for a few years and all of a sudden this feature is showing up.  I was able to remove it from one drawing.  I tried the same steps to remove this in another drawing, but I can't get rid of it now.  What would cause this to even show up in the first place.  Again, I've done ordinate dimensioning for a few years and never saw it.  ThanksOrdinate.JPG


Re: Ordinate dimensioning


I had reviewed the "Show Dimension Line" box several times and it was not checked.  I went back and looked again and it was checked.  I unchecked it and that line went away.  I had even checked in the main drafting preferences and it wasn't checked there.  Any ideas why it would appear to not be acting consistent?  Thanksshow dim.JPG

Re: Ordinate dimensioning

Customer Defaults>Drafting>General/Setup>Workflow tab.

Check where setting origination is coming from.


Customer Defaults>Drafting>General/Setup>Standard tab.

Choose which you want to use, or customize your own so this feature is off.
Glenn Balon
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Re: Ordinate dimensioning

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I'm suspecting this is a "part" level customer default.


So make sure the seed part you use has the setting correct (or else update the draftings settings to use the cstomer default vales in the part)

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