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Organic shape modeling


this may be so simple its funny, but right now its not funny. Im in NX11 I have a limited modeling license. I cant use Realize Shape. ALso my modeling skills are weak sauce. Obviously. Ok,  I am trying to make a 3D model of a smooth stone. I really want it to look organic. I have sketched a side view and top for a general shape. I have then extruded these sketches so there are 2 solids that intersect with each other. then split the bodies about each other and remove the outermost bodies. Then I and radius the left over edges. This method does not make it organic looking. 

Could someone Make a video or direct me to a video that shows how to make organics shapes like a smooth stone without using Realize Shape?  Only using the very basic tools. Thanks in advance!


Re: Organic shape modeling


Have you looked at X-Form?

Create a sphere

Select X-Form

Set degree 3x3

Set patches to 10x10 or whatever suits

Pull poles to deform shape



Re: Organic shape modeling


Argivas, Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked at X-form and thats about all I can do, is look at it. Unfortunatly I only have a limited license.  Tools I can use in "Edit Surface" are: Global Shaping, Global deformation, snip into patches, and local trim and untrim. Under "Surface," I can use everything except: NX Realize Shape, Aesthetic face blend, and Styled Blend.  I can use everything in "Surface Operations." In "Feature" i can use everything. In "Synchronous Modeling" i can use everything. I can use everthing in the "Curve" tab. 

Again thanks for your suggestion! Do you know another way?


Re: Organic shape modeling


If you have "Through Curve Mesh" this might work.


Part file attachedStone.png

Re: Organic shape modeling

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Without Realize Shape and the "Freeform_2" license, is really hard to obtain "organic" shapes...

if this is your requirements I strongly suggest to buy the Advanced Surface bundle.

I use normally realize Shape when I need to rebuild a model that come from the Topological Optimization" and this tool make my life really easy.

This is a little example:

This is the faceted that come from TopoOptThis is the faceted that come from TopoOptThis is the stress distributionThis is the stress distributionModel Rebuilt using Realize ShapeModel Rebuilt using Realize Shape


Beppe G
Siemens PLM Italy