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Organic shape modeling


this may be so simple its funny, but right now its not funny. Im in NX11 I have a limited modeling license. I cant use Realize Shape. ALso my modeling skills are weak sauce. Obviously. Ok,  I am trying to make a 3D model of a smooth stone. I really want it to look organic. I have sketched a side view and top for a general shape. I have then extruded these sketches so there are 2 solids that intersect with each other. then split the bodies about each other and remove the outermost bodies. Then I and radius the left over edges. This method does not make it organic looking. 

Could someone Make a video or direct me to a video that shows how to make organics shapes like a smooth stone without using Realize Shape?  Only using the very basic tools. Thanks in advance!


Re: Organic shape modeling


Have you looked at X-Form?

Create a sphere

Select X-Form

Set degree 3x3

Set patches to 10x10 or whatever suits

Pull poles to deform shape



Re: Organic shape modeling


Argivas, Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked at X-form and thats about all I can do, is look at it. Unfortunatly I only have a limited license.  Tools I can use in "Edit Surface" are: Global Shaping, Global deformation, snip into patches, and local trim and untrim. Under "Surface," I can use everything except: NX Realize Shape, Aesthetic face blend, and Styled Blend.  I can use everything in "Surface Operations." In "Feature" i can use everything. In "Synchronous Modeling" i can use everything. I can use everthing in the "Curve" tab. 

Again thanks for your suggestion! Do you know another way?


Re: Organic shape modeling


If you have "Through Curve Mesh" this might work.


Part file attachedStone.png

Re: Organic shape modeling

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Without Realize Shape and the "Freeform_2" license, is really hard to obtain "organic" shapes...

if this is your requirements I strongly suggest to buy the Advanced Surface bundle.

I use normally realize Shape when I need to rebuild a model that come from the Topological Optimization" and this tool make my life really easy.

This is a little example:

TopoOpt1.jpgThis is the faceted that come from TopoOptTopoOpt2.jpgThis is the stress distributionTopoOpt3.jpgModel Rebuilt using Realize Shape


Beppe G
Siemens PLM Italy