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PMI Issues

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

My pmi is constantly messing up without being touched.  I have PMI associated to surfaces that are trimmed and used only for pmi.  I had all of my pmi done, and as different people open the part over the course of the week, some people are seeing dashed pmi, while others are saying that the pmi is not highlighting the surfaces, or only highlighting part of the surface.  When I open the part, I confirm what they see.  I am the owner of these parts, and I am not working on them during this review period.

The company I work at, we are all constantly having these issues with PMI, as well as pmi going retained for seemingly unknown reasons.  While we are reviewing parts, we have them checked out so they can't be edited.


I did post a similar question in the pmi forum several weeks ago, but having more issues since.