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Part version in nx 9.0 assembly

In nx 9.0 we have to set the load options before opening any assembly, for this we have the assembly load options. my doubt is what is part name versions  and how it is possible for single part file with different versions. what is the use of part name versions. kindly resolve my probles. 

thank you

part name versionspart name versions



Re: Part version in nx 9.0 assembly


Part name versions allows NX to read 'versions' of NX parts using regular expressions based on the part file name. Thus, NX can identify that 'bracket_01.prt' and 'bracket_02.prt' are two versions of 'bracket'. Per the documentation you have quoted above, these expressions are defined in the Customer Defaults and when used with 'Search Directories' and 'Load Latest' (in the Assembly Load Options) you can load the latest versions of components with your assemblies.

Here's another page from the docs that

Hope that helps.
Regards, Ben

Re: Part version in nx 9.0 assembly

thank you very much sir,

the answer is  exactly what i want....