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Parts in assembly change to drafting reference and does not show up in model


Hi all, I am have encounter problem with my assemblies.

Some of my parts which I have added to the assemblies have change (by itself) into drafting reference like what was mention in DaveK post.


This is the first time I am experiencing this issue.

There are a few things that I don't understand. I have been working on the assemblies for weeks and after one particular weekend, the models/parts changed into ‘drafting reference’. How does this happen?

After this happen, I am still able to get the affected parts to appear in the modelling by editing the load option. By not allowing ‘Use Partial Loading’ and ‘Use Lightweight Representations’, and select the ‘load structure only’ option when opening the assemblies. The affected parts would then be loaded as a normal ‘model’ parts and not a drafting reference.

However, this has approach has fail last week. Since last week, all the affected parts remember as drafting reference no matter how I edit the load option.


Does anyone know how I can change the ‘drafting reference’ back to a ‘model part’?

And what might have cause this problem that I am experiencing and what can I do to prevent this from happening again.

Thank a lot.