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Pick and place operation in MCD


I would like to create a simple MCD model where I have one component clamped on a griper. When the griper reaches the lower position, it releases the component. When it returns to the starting position, a new component is generated.
Although it's a simple model, I can`t do it. My approach is as follows:
- FixedJoint (gripper_component_FixedJoint (1) is created between the griper and the component.
- When the griper reaches the end of the path, this constraint will turn off and the component will drop out.
- The griper returns to the starting position
- A new component is generated

I can only achieve the following states
1) If I choose "Rigid Body" for operation "ObjectSource", ObjectSource is able to generate new components, but FixedJoint does not work
2) When I select "Component" for "ObjectSource", FixedJoint works, but no new components are generated

Does anyone know how to deal with such operations?
I`m sending video and simplified MCD model

NX12.0.1 mp1


Re: Pick and place operation in MCD

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Siemens Legend

Hello Martin,


I have answered the basic concepts of pick and place and working with object sources before, you can find the post here:


As far as you usecase goes you want to have the component / pad attached at the beginning so I would make a slight change: A Operation that detects a new object from object source and attaches it to the gripper when it is on start position.

I have also included the solved example file as attachment.


Best regards


Re: Pick and place operation in MCD


Many thanks Viktor


Nice solution. I am new in MCD, so I have many issues, which I don`t know how to resolve them. Does exist some "Tips and Tricks" or some guide with examples, how to create these common tasks?