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Plot settings




Trying to figure out the settings for plotting, but it seems that regardless of output quality, file extension and other settings, the output remains horrible.


It's pixelated, dimensions are unreadable and in general impossible to use for production work.


Directly printing messes up the scale. 1:1 scale is 1:0.9 or something in comparisson with the product.



So what's the best way to create usable drawings? 



I've also adjusted the line thicknesses in the drafting standard, but besides the lines being a bit thinner now, there's no difference between 0.13mm or 0.25mm when printing files. AutoCAD and other programs have not giving me problems with line thicknesses. Am I overlooking something? Can we add custom line weights? 


Thanks again.


Re: Plot settings


The Print capability is a screen shot of the and is pixilated, fonts and line can be fuzzy.

If you configure the Plot function it is vector based.  It's a bit antiquated in the interface, but I think NX Siemens relies on a third party (SDI) to impliment the solution and hasn't payed to upgrade to a newer windows based driver functionality that should be available.