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Precise, Imprecise, and Bookmarks

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Most of our facility works with imprecise assemblies.  Our load options are such:  Engineering uses "load latest", and the shop floor "latest with status".  Also using Teamcenter 11, and NX11.


Now our aero department likes to maintain "baselines", of how the car was configured at a certain period in time, so I created a precise assembly for them, as the development car (which they experiment with), and then at various times they do a save as, and name it accordingly.  These are basically archives, of how the car was configured at that point, incase they need to go back and review something.


Since this assembly has some live wave links in it, you can't just save the top level assembly, you have to save the top level, and the two main subassemblies as a set.  It's confusing, since they aren't daily NX users, and things go haywire at times, and I get called back to fix it.


Also, I have noticed that some sub asssemblies being used by other departments are showing up as precise, when they shouldn't be.  I suspect they are added to this aero assembly, and when the top level is saved, the subassemblies are being made precise.


I'm trying to come up with a methodology to resolve both issues, and thought of bookmarks.  Will a book mark remember the revision, like a precise assembly does?  If we did away with the precise assemblies, and used a bookmark, it may save some headache.



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Re: Precise, Imprecise, and Bookmarks

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Dave,


Design assemblies containing interpart linked information should allways be treated precise in order to provide full control to the update status of the linked information. Imprecise give you great flexibility but often makes things difficult for inexperienced users when it comes to handling the up to date information regarding linked information. Have you concidered using a "work" structure for the upfront wavelinked design structure and a "deliverable" structure where only incomming linked information is allowed? The "deliverable" structure would be the official part with the complete definition (DWG/PMI) - with no wave links going out of the "deliverable" you will be able to configure it anyway you like (Imprecise). With your current method have you concidered to add further statuses, than just released, to the major release gates or Baselines?



Fredrik Sandblom