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Precise Outline Error




First time posting, so please forgive me if this is not the correct forum for this issue. That said;


Throughout my day-to-day work, I am often requested to produce a 2D area of the part on a specified vector. Typically a sketch and project curve can take care of this. However some other complex components this process is not a good solution.


Looking for other alternatives, I have come across Precise Outline within Extract Curve. This seems to produce the output I am looking (with exception of associativity), but on the complex parts I need to run it on I end up getting an error. The error only displays; “Warning. Error in Extract Curve. [OK]”. I have set the edge/view settings to what has been suggested (invisible hidden edge). Is there limitations to this function? A Bug? Is there a way to see the error further?


FYI, Shadow outline does work, but it breaks up the curves so much it is also unusable for these complex parts also.


Thank you in advance.




Re: Precise Outline Error


I get the Precise outline error often as well, my solution is extract silhouette curves. I project them to a plane and fix them up. Then I extrude them. Its not elegant but it works for what I want them for.




Rob Newcomb, CAD/CNC/Simulation manager
Elmhirst Industries, Specializing in Prototype sheet metal stampings and assemblies

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