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Prevent selection of hidden geometry


Hi all, 


I can't seem to find a wat to prevent selection of hidden geometry.


Normally, I specify different finising/textures on my models by paiting the relevant faces and providing a 2D with shaded views and annotations. The exported STEP 3D also retains these colors. It is a simple, effective way of communicating this intent.


This means that, (mostly) a lot of the visible surfaces of the part are going to be painted with one or more colors while mostly the invisible faces will retain the body color. Bear in mind that finished injection molded parts have thousands of faces for every blend and detail.........


I am looking for a way to quickly select faces to assign color. If I set the selection intent to "Faces" and I enclose the model with a rectangle selection, I'd like just the visible faces to be selected, then I'd rotate the model, select again and so in a couple of moves I'll have what I need selected and can change the properties.


The problem is that EVERY face gets selected and this results in either a million single deselections or, (my current way of doing it), not using rectangle selection and instead clicking on a million selections.


Sure there must be a way??


 Best regards and thanks!



Re: Prevent selection of hidden geometry

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Turn off the allow multi selection of hidden bodies and faces from the seleciton toolbar. 



Re: Prevent selection of hidden geometry


Exactly. Great!!! Many thanks, Scott!!