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Question about load options




I have a question about load options that I haven't really seen anywhere else (and I've searched as much as I can). One point first though, we don't use Teamcenter and likely aren't going to.  So that is not a solution. 


Anyway, what I want to do is this: 


1) First I want to try to open all the files that may be in the local folder.  By local folder I mean the folder that I load my assembly file from.  Let's say C:\CustomerFiles for this file, but it could also be C:\Preliminary or what have you. 


2) Then I want all reuse files to try to load from let's say C:\Reuse


Most people will suggest I presume set up search folders to point to C:\CustomerFiles and then C:\Reuse.  That isn't feasible for us, as 1) Our C:\CustomerFiles folder has many directories and files in it, so search takes too long.  I just want to load all the files that I know are in the directory I am loading them from, with the exception of reusable components.  Is there a way to do this?  And As Saved doesn't cut it, because we copy our files out of C:\CustomerFiles to a work in progress directory and then move them back when completed.


Thanks for any help.  BTW, we are using NX 10.


Re: Question about load options

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

After you move the files, you should consider fixing the references with the "ugpc.exe" and "ug_edit_part_names.exe"; after which the "as saved" option would probably work fine for you.

Re: Question about load options

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

 This is exactly the question I have for the same reasons.

 To simplify it, how can I add "From folder" to the "From search folders" as an option?

 Seems I am restricted to one or the other.

 To make it clear :


  Search from folder for opening assemblies, etc as we usually do.

 Search "From search folders" for things like part families, reuse, etc.

 I think it is one or the other, but not both, but I may be wrong.