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Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

[ Edited ]

Here's the stuff you should know about using these forums:


1) This forum is dedicated to all subjects pertaining to NX Design (CAD). If you have questions related to simulation or manufacturing, please see our other forums:


2) When organizing content, it becomes much easier for you to easily find subject that interest you. Please use the following labels when posting:

  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design and Styling
  • Drafting and Documentation
  • Electromechanical Design
  • Knowledge Re-Use
  • Visual Analytics and Validation
  • Process Specific Applications
  • NX Productivity Tools

Note: Labels are also useful as you can subscribe to a lable and follow just those conversations. 


3) Play nice. Nobody came here to get their feelings hurt.


4) Participate. Jump in and contribute to discussions... it's fun! If you like something another community member has to say, give them a kudo. If someone answered your question, please mark it as the accepted solution so others can easily find the answer!


You should familize yourself with the Community Rules before posting.   


Please send me any feedback!


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Jerry Sarfati
Siemens PLM Software

Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

Dear Jerry,

I am quite new in the Community; can you pleas etell me what a Kudo is?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

Hi Laura,


Wikipedia gives a good explaination...

Kudos (from the Ancient Greek: κῦδος) is acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement.


So if you want to express your appreciation for a post, you can give Kudos!



Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

Hello @Laurus -


Kudo's are a way of recognizing another Community member if they said some that was helpful. I have a short article on how to give a kudo in our Community that might be helpful.


Welcome to the Community!



If you find my post helpful, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"

Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

it is the I LIKE IT BUTTON :-) ..

Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

I'm sorry.
but: is the English - single language used on this forum?
can I (or anyone ) use another language here? Or this using other languages will cause anything wrong for my karma here? Smiley Happy

Сhannel for NX users (Russian language)

Re: Read this first! - NX Community Guidelines

Hi @Valeo-ua,


Thanks for your question! I must apologize for the delay in my response... I was traveling on business and did not get a chance to reply. You or anyone else is, of course, welcome to use languages other than English in the forums. Smiley Happy Our community members come from all over the world, and many speak more than one language. No bad karma will result Smiley Wink 


Something to consider though is that responses to your post may be limited, as not everyone will be able to understand or respond. Just a thought to keep in mind.


Hope that helps! Don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need help or have other questions. 




Amy Reyes

NX Community Manager