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Reading NX files with PMI in Solid Edge

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello all,


We are trying to send a vendor some NX files containing PMI, we are using Teamcenter managed NX 9, they are using Solid Edge ST6.  We have tried sending them NX assemblies as STEP files.  They are unable to view any of the PMI attached to the assemblies.  Does anyone know of a way to possibly make this work?  Specific file types or export options?  We considered JT files, though we do not have a translator set up to create monolithic JT's of assemblies.  I'm hoping there are some alternatives since this will require a bit of extra work.


Does anyone know of a possible way to export NX 9 assemblies containing PMI, to be viewed in Solid Edge ST6?


Looking forward to your responses!


Thanks in advance,