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Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9


Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this error in drafting? We are using the Free 3 of 9 font in NX 9.0, but it doesn't work in all of my files. In some of them, it will show the barcode, and in others, it gives an error indicating "invalid font" in drafting. When it doesn't give the error, it will let me select the Free 3 of 9 font, but just doesn't actually change anything in the text and reverts right back to Arial Unicode font. The customer defaults are set to use both NX and standard fonts, so that's not the issue. It's especially unusual because the font will show when a coworker enters the font, but I can't update it on my system. I can, however, use the barcode font that is an NX system font. Our customer requires the Free 3 of 9 font. Help?


Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
It sounds like the font environment variables are causing your issue - your system cannot find the specified font, thus it reverts to Arial Unicode.

Here is an excerpt from the Documentation that explains how NX looks for fonts:

When setting your character font, it is important to remember the following points:

•Existing NX font types are located in a directory set by the UGII_CHARACTER_FONT_DIR environment variable.

•Standard Fonts files are found in your normal font directories, usually in the C:\Windows\Fonts on Windows or in a configuration file on Unix.

•You can use custom fonts by placing the font files in a directory referenced by the UGII_STANDARD_FONT_DIR environment variable.

•NX searches for the character font in the following order:

1.Standard font location (for example, C:/Window/Fonts).

2.The directory specified by UGII_STANDARD_FONT_DIR.

3.The directory specified by UGII_CHARACTER_FONT_DIR.

•A default font is used when a font cannot be found. The default font can be changed, but is initially set to Arial Unicode MS. If Arial Unicode MS is not found, the default font is set to Tahoma. If Tahoma is not found, then the default font is set to Arial.

Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

As it works in some parts and not others I think we can assume that you've installed the font, and NX is finding it.  That said, make sure you can insert a new note using Barcode 3 of 9.

Have you noticed any patterns, for example, that you can edit the barcode in parts that you created, and not ones that your colleague created (and vice versa)?

I downloaded the font to test it and while looking for a 'reputable' site I noticed that there were several variants of the font.  One person went to the trouble of editing it to remove white spaces so that it was more compatible with MS Word.  Do you know if you and your colleague are using the same version of the font (downloaded from the same site)?

I created a part with the font using Modeling TEXT and a Note on a drawing sheet, and then deleted the font from C:\Windows\fonts.  On reopening the part the barcode continues to display in modeling, it can't be edited but it tells me the font is Barcode 3 of 9.  In Drafting the barcode Note is converted to Arial and displays the regular text.  At no time did NX raise an "Invalid Font" warning.  Does Part Cleanup help?


If all else fails, send your part to GTAC for review.

Regards, Ben

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Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9


Hi Ben, thank you for the info. I've installed the font from a couple sources and tested it, and it still appears to have the same issue. I can go into the drafting of the parts that were made by my colleague, and I can adjust the text when the font 3 of 9 is already showing. I just cannot create any new text, or change the font to 3 of 9 if it isn't already set as that by someone else. We actually have the same font from the same site, installed by our IT guy locally. But in testing, I did install another variation and it remained unchanged regarding this issue.

I tried Part Cleanup, but honestly am not familiar with that enough to know what I should be doing to see if that helps. When I told it to clean unused fonts, it didn't help. I do appreciate you providing your thoughts to help me troubleshoot.

Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9


Hi RonY, I think you may be on to something, but I don't really know what to do with this information. NX is defaulting in the way you indicated, from Arial Unicode to Tahoma, etc. How do I go into the environment variables to indicate where the font directories are? The font is currently installed in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory. It does show up in Word.

So how do I find what directory is referenced in the UGII_STANDARD_FONT_DIR environment, and how do I place this font in there?

Thank you for your help walking me through this. I'm a bit blind when it comes to navigation in these kinds of waters, but I'm a quick learner.

Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

From NX, go to File -> Help -> Log File.


In the text window that appears, search for the environment variable you are looking for.


That shows you where NX is looking.


Find the font file using Windows Explorer, copy it, then paste it to the directory found above.


If the environment variable does not exist, you can set it using the control panel.


On Windows 7, Go to the control panel, select System, then select Advanced System Settings.


Then, select the Environment Variables button.


There, you can add the environment variable name and the path you want to use.

Re: Receiving NX Invalid Font Error in NX 9.0 with Free 3 of 9


Thanks so much. Even though the font type is ttf, I copied this into the UGFONTS folder and it appears to be working for now.