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Reference Mapping when adding UDF

I made a UDF that required a point to specify its location. When I made the UDF I selected the point one time. There are other conditional features but I never selected the point to produce those features.


When I add the UDF, I resolve three external references, a point and two planar surfaces, then a Reference Mapping dialog appears (see attached) that, I'm guessing, is mapping a point to a point. I can click OK and the UDF appears to go in fine. But it's presence is still most annoying. Anybody know what this is and why it appears? 


Re: Reference Mapping when adding UDF

It's showing that the UDF Reference is not given properly. Share me the UDF file. I will try to fix my level best.

Re: Reference Mapping when adding UDF

I have the same issue.
Could you share your solution? Do you find out where was the problem?