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Reflect Mesh/Element in NX9


Current we are doing Meshing in Ideas.

Now we would like to change the Meshing software from Ideas to UG-NX9.


currently we are finding the Meshing commands in NX with respect to Ideas commands.

Almost the test job is completed. we are trouble in Last step. that we have to mirror/reflect the Elements.

IF i choose the command Reflect(Reflect Elements across the plane), the elements are reflected.

while checking the Element edges. The edge of reflected elements is not merging with original elements.

How to solve this Problem.? or How to use the Reflect Command.?



Re: Reflect Mesh/Element in NX9

Gears Legend Gears Legend
Gears Legend

Sounds like the nodes of the reflected mesh need to be merged with the nodes of the original mesh. The "Duplicate Nodes" command will detect and merge the duplicate nodes.