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Removing extra sheet no.from drawing ?


When printing title block indicates "SHEET NO. 1-2". (=1st sheet out of 2 available = 1/2)

  • But it only has one(1) sheet in NX drafting.
  • Someone has deleted the second sheet inside NX some years ago and now the "page/sheet 2" just haunts there...when outputting prints and pdfs. How to remove it from prints ?date.jpg

Re: Removing extra sheet no.from drawing ?

It depends how it is defined.

Edit the text, is it hardcoded to "2"?

Or does it point to the drawing sheet attribute:




If the former, change to the latter (or just change to "1")

If the latter, it is probably a bug and should be reported to GTAC

If something else, then I don't know.



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Re: Removing extra sheet no.from drawing ?



It says this. How can I enter to sheet attributes/Edit text ?

Re: Removing extra sheet no.from drawing ?

It is a problem in NX8.5.3, also. I thought it was reported to GTAC at that time. I use the drawing sheet attribute. I usually change parts then go back to original, and it clears up. Sometimes it takes 2-3 tries for it to fix itself. Not a good solution, but otherwise manually change it and don't use the attribute supplied. Either solution is a waste of our time, but is all that is available. I thought it would have been fixed by NX11 release.