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Replacing Feature Elements and Operations


Hi all,


I'm using NX 9 and TC 10.1.

A recent project that I'm working on gives me quite a headache, my problem is the following:

   I have to update some 500 drawings, this means that I have to update all the associated parts to(some of them are 20 years old).

   This being said, the company I work for has quite a specific order of building in NX and the part I need to update is the lowest in that order(highlighted part in the picture attached), the problem is that the part in question already uses another part and that part is linked(WAVE/Linker) and modified.
   So what I want is to delete said part and recreate it with Sketch and Revolve, but in a way so all the associated links would stay put(this means roughly 1000 drawings and assemblys).
   I tried with the Replace command wich works just fine if I do have the same operations, say two sketches or planes with coordinate systems, but it does not work with a linked part and one created with a sketch and revolve.

   The only option that crossed my mind so far was to replace the ID's of all feature objects(edges, lines, surfaces etc.) with the newly created part, but I haven't find a way to change those ID's yet and I'm not even sure that it is even possible.

   So guys I'm open to suggestions, and/or a possible solution to the option proposed by me.