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Resize datum planes associative sizing



Is there any way to keep the size of datum planes associative after you resize them?

I created a bisector plane of a block and resized it, snapping its midpoints to the midpoints of the block
I created an offset plane, without resizing, as a reference
Now when I change the size of the block, the bisector plane doesn't change as well, even though I "snapped" the midpoints. The offset plane did change however.
So resizing a plane once means that it loses its associative resizing. I don't want this behavior. I want to be able to control the plane size and link it to the geometry it's dependant on.

Especially with sheet metal parts, datum planes tend to be rather large (extended edges) and all those planes can become somewhat messy.

I'm using NX11 with TC10.


Re: Resize datum planes associative sizing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @SteffenDS,

Do not resize the datum plane by snapping it to the geometry faces/points. When you create the bisector plane, let it be to the original size that gets created with respect to the selected faces of the geometry. It will get resize when you change the block size. I checked that once datum plane is resized manually, it does not update with the selected objects/geometry.


Note that, datum plane size depends upon the zoom factor of the current display. You can notice the difference if you create the bisector plane with model geometry fit to screen and with some zoom out.

Re: Resize datum planes associative sizing


HI  SteffenDS