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Retain Colour of Components in Assembly


Hello everyone


NX seems to have a wierd problem of not storing the color applied to parts ..say in a big assembly


We have a colour code for each part in the assembly from Catia V5 , so we want to retain in NX


Steps Followed :

option 1) Inside the Assembly

Select the individual part in Assmebly > Ctrl+J > Select  color  > then Apply    : Colour does not gets saved in Teamcenter

next time if the part is read from Teamcenter .. its shows the default GREY colour  

option 2) Open the individual files in seperate window >Ctrl +J > Select colour > then Apply : Colour gets retained but if you open this same assembly again from Team center colour for some components are back to GREY

Worst Case ; using either of these options , if i modify any one of the part is modified like  Geometry changes  , the colour switches back


Color management isnt NX gameball , overall very inconsistency - for such a simple option


Wondering why just to colour parts and retaining the parts colour should be such a big excercise in NX while so easy in Catia V5 or to say any CAD software


Additional option request for NX

Default Colour ; Catia v5 has a option to switch  back to DEFAULT color can we have samething in NX








Re: Retain Colour of Components in Assembly

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Mohan, I can address what is going on in NX. 


If you color of bodies in the context of the assembly that color is saved with the assembly, not the component and will keep overriding the original color in THAT assembly. It can be reset to get back to the component colors for the bodies. 


If I have not changed it in the context of an assembly then when I update a component it will have the new color everywhere it is used. 


I am not sure what to say about the Teamcenter colors at this point but wanted to give you and idea of what is going on in NX.



Re: Retain Colour of Components in Assembly

Scott , Thanks for the reply

Yes i understand whats going on in NX , but ist very inconsistent when coupled with Teamcenter in our case - in Terms of retaining Colour
I read the Assembly - first time from Teamcenter the colours are OK - retained , but next time is doesnt take either the Assembly Context Color nor the individual part colour - it Shows the Default Grey colour

And Im Aware of the reset Color Option in Assembly > Right-Click on the component>Properties>Select ''SPECIFIC COMPONENT COLOUR'' under ASSEMBLY tab ( 1st tab)

Is there a seperate Forum for Teamcenter & NX Interface or this is the one?


Re: Retain Colour of Components in Assembly

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

If the parts have a release status in TC, you will not be able to save a change, even a simple color change.


If multiple revisions of the part exist, the load options may not be loading in the same part that you changed the color of.


If you are talking about the color of parts that you see in shaded drafting views, those colors can be controlled separately from what you see in the model view.


A component can have a separate color applied than the parent body. When changing the color of components, you can apply it to the component or drive it back to the prototype body.


The body can have a different color than the faces.


The "random color" option overrides any assigned colors.


In short, NX has too many choices when assigning colors.