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Reusable Object Library


How can I create a reusable object like the ones Siemens Nx brings in the library that when I insert it, the pocket creates me. How the screws,bolt do and that is associated with a Krx table.Thank you


Re: Reusable Object Library

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Siemens Phenom

ramarc --

Check out this section of the NX docs:

Workflow to define and use a reusable object

Using object attributes will be the key to getting the automatic pocketing behaviors.  (In particular, "REUSE_SUBTRACT" for a pocket.)

Reusable object attributes

Screws, bolts, etc. in the Reuse Library are normally managed with Part Families and then packaged as a "Knowledge Enabled Component" (a.k.a. Reusable Component).

Knowledge enabled components

Hope that helps!  :-)


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