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Reuse Paste dialog box-Initial Paste Location




We have discovered an issue with Reuse Library -Initial paste Location Reuse Paste dialog box.The issue is when we double-click on the example below (feature/rib_c in Reusable Object Library -Example only-), A reuse paste window will show up.The item of initial paste location will request the user to select an object to infer the point.The user selects the concerned point and he positioned the feature on the point exactly.The result is offset feature from the selected point.

My Question, do you know why the feature doesn't place on the selected point?

In fact, this is a general case for all the reuse library features or 2D-Section.I have tried most of them especially with the feature that has an option for the initial paste location (double click option on the feature).


I have included an example below for your convenience. You can try different features or you can build new ones, but all will be offset from the selected point.


Thank You



{Raeed Kena}, {Mechanical / Civil Engineer}


Development: {Visual Basic Net} Testing: {NX12,ANSYS}